Turning vision into action: 3 steps to achieving your dreams

Whether it's a start-up idea you've been putting off for too long, or a lifestyle achievement that drives your imagination, success is yours for the taking. Here are three steps that, if you're willing to commit, can help you turn your long-held vision into action.

Step 1:  See it clearly. Envision your goal—if the results seem fuzzy in any way, you’ll struggle to succeed. Take the time you need to define what “success” looks like to you.

Mentally make a plan to get there. You have a couple of options for approaching your mental plan to turn vision into action.

Stand at the base of your metaphorical mountain and look up. It probably scares you, right? The mountain looms menacingly, you can’t even see the summit through the fog. In fact, you can’t see the footpath.

  • Position your mind’s eye at the mountaintop. Look down, and ask yourself, “What steps did I take to get here?” Looking down the mountain from up top should give you the clarity you need to begin putting your plan into action.  

Most people who have achieved a long-held dream look back over time and realize that a big part of getting there was envisioning themselves at their desired mountaintop in the first place. From there, they were able to take the steps necessary to overcome the challenges they faced. As long as the vision remains clear, the goal is achievable. There’s much to be said about the motivation that comes from picturing yourself at the summit.

Step 2. Believe it devotedly. To achieve a long-held goal, you have to believe in it passionately.  Devoting yourself to attaining a dream will give you a sense of purpose, direction, and perseverance.

Figure the cost and set your priorities based on personal values and hunger for success. Do not settle for pursuing anything less than what you know you’re capable of achieving. Settling for less is not an option

.Step 3. Pursue your vision aggressively. Your vision paints the picture. Desire fuels motivation. Action alone will get you there. If you have a lot of work to do to achieve the skills you need to succeed, do what it takes. Practice harder than anyone else, hire a coach, start your day an hour earlier, cut expenses—do whatever it takes, and keep your eye on the prize.

When the goal is clear and the conviction is passionate, getting there can be a joy rather than a task.

What is your long-held vision? What do you need to do to jump-start the process of getting there? What life adventures await you? Answer these questions, and your journey will be successful.

turning vision into action