Equity Assessment

One of the biggest reasons for disagreements among the startup teams is equity distribution. It becomes very difficult for lead entrepreneur to negotiate with the team and have a long-term outlook of the startup. Using Ideagist’s unique equity distribution modeling system, you can develop an equity distribution plan that is equitable and is based on the desired outcomes. This service is offered to pre-seed and seed level companies that are getting ready to go to the investors or facing disagreements among team members on equity distribution. Having an independent party to develop such a model helps in negotiations and takes away and resentment felt by team members during the negotiation process.



Are you looking for a co-founder? Founders that get co-founders recruited without clear job descriptions often face delivery issued down the road. Hire the right person for the job and ensure that the expectations between the founder and co-founder are clear. Our team can help in developing a good job description and deliverables plan for your new team member.

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