Career Planning

Ideagist Talent Incubator

We would like to guide 10,000 students by 2025 to convert them from raw talent into someone ready for the international job market

We are not a training program

we offer certification to authenticate your ability to build things and to do the real work. Which means that you can learn on your own or join any training program to learn the skills you need. We test your abilities and get you international certifications and certified university credits from the United States.

Benefits to attend the program


Real-World Experience

Gain hands-on experience with real projects, enhancing your resume and marketability.

No Upfront Costs

Invest in your future without immediate financial burden—fees are due only after reaching each level's earning milestones.

Global Competitiveness

Acquire skills that are in high demand internationally, particularly in AI and emerging technologies.

Achieve Professional Excellence

With the introduction of Level 4, set your sights on high-achieving goals, preparing for leadership and entrepreneurial ventures.

Who Should Apply?

This program is for you if you are an ambitious student or early-career professional in Pakistan, eager to make your mark in the technology sector. Whether you're just starting or looking to pivot into a tech-focused career, the Ideagist Talent Incubator offers a roadmap to success.

Program Structure

Level 1
Start your journey by earning at least USD 50 per month through part-time jobs, freelancing, or internships.
Level 2
Progress to earning at least USD 100 per month, building on your skills and experience.
Level 3
Achieve a significant milestone by earning at least USD 500 per month, readying you for full-time employment or full-time freelancing in the tech sector.
Level 4
Aim for professional excellence by striving to earn USD 4,000 per month or USD 50,000 annually, leveraging your expertise to secure leadership roles or entrepreneurial success.

Success Criteria

For Level 1

Earn $50/month for any three months in a five months window.

For Level 2

Earn $100/month for any three months in a five months window.

For Level 3

Earn $500/month for any three months in a five months window.

For Level 4

Earn $4000/month or  $50,000/year.


How the Program Works


Application and Selection

Begin by applying through our user-friendly online portal. Candidates are selected based on their passion for technology, commitment to learning, and potential for growth.


Structured Learning and Earning

Progress through the levels by meeting specific earning and learning milestones. Enjoy the freedom to choose your learning path with guidance from our expert mentors.

Mentorship and Support

Benefit from personalized mentorship, career advice, and support from seasoned professionals and industry leaders.


Upon completing of your training as per your career development plan you will qualify for international certification exam.  from the International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation in Washington DC

Apply Now

Please use the name you would like to see on your certificate.
Please make sure that this your main email address and make sure that [email protected] is included in your safe senders list.