Squigl, LLC. and IdeaGist.com announce a collaborative agreement to offer Squigl’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video animation software to IdeaGist.com users worldwide.

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 19, 2018—Squigl, LLC, developer of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered video animation software that seamlessly transforms text into animated presentations, signed a collaborative agreement with digital startup incubator IdeaGist.com to provide IdeaGist users worldwide with access to Squigl's innovative video creation platform.

The collaboration will provide 32,000 IdeaGist users in 195 countries with Squigl’s powerful software to develop their brand stories and enrich their digital marketing campaigns to attract investors, target consumers, and market observers. Startups and entrepreneurs utilizing IdeaGist’s global online incubator to access Squigl’s whiteboard animation program that automatically combines behavioral science (neuromarketing) technology and analytics with digital marketing algorithms in the video creation process, maximizing the audience engagement potential of marketing, educational, and presentation videos.

Squigl's software employs the powerful AI technology used by corporate leaders to achieve top-ranking digital marketing campaigns. Until now, such advanced platforms were too costly and complicated for most startups to adopt, making competitive marketing an uphill battle for fledgling businesses. Squigl harnesses AI to focus educational and marketing materials on what neuroscience defines as the most effective rules for stimulating the attention and maximizing retention of a video’s intended message among audiences.



Using a simple, intuitive interface, Squigl transforms the user’s text and keywords into animated images to develop targeted videos that engage target audiences while effectively communicating a brand-specific message that appeals to audiences on both an emotional and logical level—key elements to successful brand building.

According to IdeaGist CEO Hassan Syed, the collaboration with Squigl offers a valuable opportunity for startup founders and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of AI and developments in the emerging science of consumer behavior in their marketing strategies.

“Videos play an important role in telling a business’s story but the cost of developing videos is often out of reach for startups,” Syed says. “By offering Squigl to IdeaGist users, we have an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to help reduce the need for cash in developing early-stage startup ideas.

“Making Squigl software available to IdeaGist users not only helps startups cut costs without compromising the quality of marketing efforts critical to growing a business, our users can now create impressive animated videos that actually enhance the caliber and effectiveness of their marketing efforts thanks to Squigl's innovative use of AI technology.” 

Squigl CEO Ahmad Roowala says the decision to collaborate with IdeaGist is fueled by a mutual belief in the value of combining the disruptive nature of both organizations with the unique opportunities they offer to entrepreneurs worldwide. “We are delighted to be partnering with IdeaGist to bring the latest in AI-based learning and marketing technologies to founders around the globe,” he says. “IdeaGist serves as a fantastic platform to bridge the gap between startup idea and successful execution.

“Too often, startup founders under-estimate or miscalculate the significant weight their marketing strategy carries when it comes to achieving success or failure. IdeaGist shares Squigl’s objective to bring real solutions to the startup market. By making our robust AI marketing technology available to startups we are providing the best in innovative solutions with the speed and value innovative ideas deserve to help startups gain a level the playing field.

To learn more, visit the Squigl website, email Public Relations Director Liz Ernst at [email protected], or call Squigl at +1 612- 859-0830. 

About Squigl:
Squigl, LLC offers a software as a service (SaaS) platform that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to allow anyone to transform their corporate messages into high-quality, animated video presentations in minutes. Squigl's AI-powered software is built on the science of learning. Squigl applies an evidence-based approach to developing marketing and educational materials based on what neuroscience defines as the most effective rules for maximum audience attention and retention.

Squigl CEO Ahmad Roowala developed the vision of Squigl from idea to product launch, serving as president and CTO from September 2015 to his promotion to CEO in April 2018. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Squigl is the most current culmination of Roowala’s accomplished track record for leadership, management, consulting, investing, and corporate strategizing.  

About IdeaGist.com
Ideagist.com is a collaboration platform founded by Hassan Syed and an international team of entrepreneurial and tech leaders to connect startup communities and ecosystems with global resources.

IdeaGist is the largest digital incubation platform in the world, linking people from all 195 UN-recognized countries, hosting more than 2,800 startup ideas and offering access to more than 1,400 mentors. IdeaGist is the digital adaptation of traditional business incubators, developed to meet global demand for online access to startup development services, improve effectiveness, and help fill incubator capacity gaps on-demand and at low cost.

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