Often times we come up with a brilliant idea – and it flops. In many of those situations, the idea really is brilliant, and with a bit more nurturing, it could be the next big thing to storm the markets.

But for some reason, it just didn’t not work. Maybe it didn’t work because it was not socialized enough, or because there was one glaring roadblock in the design and the person either did not have the expertise or the knowledge/skills to get around that.

Whatever the reason, it most likely boils down to the fact that you did not speak to enough people about it. So, how can you ensure that your brilliant idea gets the opportunity to become reality?

Simple! Get other people involved:

  1. Ask them what they think of it
  2. Ask them how they would use it
  3. Ask them if they would put their own hard earned money into it, or if they would give some of their precious time to help make it a reality
  4. Understand what you are good at and find other likeminded people who have other expertise and skills they can bring to the table

Although the world has become small and access has grown, it is still hard to find the right people to get your idea from your head and into the world. You many know many people, but may not have the right skills, expertise and sometimes even the belief in your vision to be a true help to you.

Where can you start?

IdeaGist is one place where you can get it all. Not only can you share your ideas and get inspired, the seamlessly social aspect of this site allows you to tap into your future consumers, co-workers and funders. All under the same ‘virtual’ roof. Get started today!