IdeaGist Response to COVID-19

CEO Message

IdeaGist is the largest digital incubation platform in the world. It is currently supporting more than 14,000 ideas and a user base from 195 UN recognized countries/territories.

Worst of COVID-19 has yet to come. As job losses escalate, nearly half of global workforce at risk of losing livelihoods (ILO). Projected global employment is expected to decline between 158 million and 242 million jobs, with Asia and the Pacific comprising 70 percent of total employment losses (ADB).

To fight the impact of COVID-19 we need our entrepreneurs to launch millions of new startup businesses. IdeaGist, with your help, can play a role in restoring the livelihood and start the economic activities in communities worldwide. The biggest digital incubation platform is taking a simple initiative and would like to invite you to join hands today.

We are taking action today!


1. Global Digital Hackathon on COVID 19. If you think you have an idea, share it with the world today. You don’t need to give it away if it has commercial value. Learn how to share your idea without giving it away. Good ideas will be given free incubation vouchers and 50,000 Gist Points.

2. Starting from June 15, 2020, IdeaGist is making its Practical Entrepreneur Training program free for 12 months. This premium 8 weeks' training program has already helped 1000s of entrepreneurs worldwide. You can start the course yourself and invite your friends to benefit from it.

3. IdeaGist is starting four pilot micro enterprise incubators as a scalable model to help communities worldwide in launching 1000s of micro enterprises. More information will be shared with our network. Join our COVID-19 Portal today to stay informed.

Let's Join Hands


Become a Supporter – To support IdeaGist in activities like free entrepreneurship training, SDGs Incubator, COVID-19 Hackathon, and many other projects, please change your membership to supporter.

To make it worth a while, we have included private profile URL feature, 30 gist points, and 3 out-of-network messages, every month to give you a $11 value for a subscription of $3 per month.

If you are already a member, it is easy, simply click on the link and login to see the membership page. If you don’t remember the password, please click on “forgot your password” link on the login page. Another method is to click on “Account Settings->Subscriptions and Credits” from the left menu and click on the Blue “Upgrade Plan” button.

If you are not an IdeaGist user, you can become a supporter today. Join our COVID-19 Portal and select Supporter Subscription Package.