Inspiring the Generation Next

In collaboration with 34 universities, IdeaGist started a pilot of Startup Pakistan in February of this year, supporting Prime Minister's initiative. Despite COVID-19 pandemic, this pilot has so far produced immense results. In a short span for six months, more than 2,900 students have already completed their training and passed the final test. This project is a story of delivering results against the odds of a global pandemic.

Continuing the momentum, IdeaGist is brining top Entrepreneur leaders to share their ideas with the young entrepreneurs, inspiring them with their stories and helping them understand the journey of an entrepreneur.

Hina Batool (Speaker)

Hina Batool is the CEO at SheKab, A subscription based carpooling service for women and children. She has a broader vision to transform that how women travel to work in Pakistan. This services is currently working in Rawalpindi and Islamabad


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