Juggling the ups and downs of entrepreneurship? Both the exhilaration and the anxiety entrepreneurs experience on their journey to launching a new business, service, or project are adrenaline pumpers that induce the body and mind to move! But too much adrenaline released too often can take a toll over the long-term.

Here are a few tips for staying motivated and healthy to face the challenges of building your own product or business.

1. Sleep.

The value of a good night's sleep can't be minimized. Sleep deprivation among entrepreneurs is a notorious mood-killer. If you're dragging, your productivity diminishes, tasks are done poorly or missed altogether, your memory gets foggy, and your business suffers. A good night's sleep is a powerful motivator for facing each new day energized and upbeat. Productivity is consistently high, and you'll achieve your goals faster and more efficiently. A good night's sleep is the best tonic for building a business.

2. Establish a routine.

Self-motivation begins with a routine.Start every day with a 20-minute morning routine.that includes reviewing, planning, prioritizing, setting goals and organizing your day.Those 20 minutes in the morning can keep your mind alert throughout the day and save you hours of time you won't waste due to disorganization. It also helps set the stage for an excellent day.

3. Schedule time for yourself.

As an entrepreneur, it's probably easy to get caught up in the day-to-day minutia of your company's operations.This is why it's important to schedule personal time during the day for a 15-minute walk, to call your kids, or simply to get in a spot of meditation or exercise in your office.Make sure to also schedule time to eat a healthy meal.Keep a bottle of water in hand throughout the day to stay hydrated, which helps your brain stay focused.

4. Plan ahead and set reminders.

Even a well-thought-out plan can be difficult to stick with. Setting digital reminders to alert you of important tasks and goals you've set for the day is a convenient way to keep in step with your objectives..Set specific time durations for projects, meetings, and tasks. Not only will you accomplish everything you planned for and prioritized in your 20-minute morning routine, your stress levels will be even Steven throughout the day, and you'll sleep soundly at night.

5. Stay positive.

Happiness comes in different forms for everyone.Draw from within to stay positive when frustration threatens to rear its ugly head..Remind yourself to summon an authentic smile to regain positivity A smile puts everyone around you in a positive state of mind as well..If you have a mantra, engage it in your mind for a quick, soothing mental reset. Use a spot of the personal time you scheduled and escape to your office, put on your headphones, and blast a classic Who song (“Baba O'Reilly” comes to mind) or any music that soothes your soul and gets your motivation on.

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