Essentials of Brand Building

About the Guest Speaker – Shahnawaz Chughtai

Mr. Shahnawaz Chughtai is the CEO at Guddu Shani and BEETech Digital inc. He has 16 years of in creative fields, entrepreneurship, consulting, coaching. His company is scalable for creativity, marketing, and business modeling.

Key Points of Session

Mr. Shahnawaz Chughtai joined the pak100 Bootcamp II, 2021 on 11th august. The topic of his session was “Essentials of Brand Building”. The session was held for 45 minutes.

Mr. Shahnawaz started the session by explaining the importance of the brand building. He showed multiple of his projects as an example of how he worked on them and where they are now. He stated, “Brand Building is not just a good-looking visual presentation of the brand. it is not just a logo design”. He told the participants that brand building is developing a unique desirable experience of business at every touch point of the customer. He also explained the common touch points of a brand in detail. He advised the participants that their business experience should be unique, consistent, desirable, and human-centered. He gave the example of food outlets to explain the business experience.

Mr. Shahnawaz held an exercise in which he asked the participants to share what brand experience is for them and then told them about physical, virtual, sensory experiences. In sensory experience, he gave the example of Starbuck how they played their ad in the metro train along with perfumers of coffee that create the desire of coffee in the customers.

He ended the session by stating the biggest advantage of brand building “Brand building adds value to the product/service and builds trust in the brand resulting in increased acquisition and retention.