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Help at every step of your startup journey.

IdeaGist offers a simple-to-follow process, learning resources, and easy-to-use templates, helping people in taking an idea from its inception to a minimum viable product.


We all come up with ideas but often we cannot act upon them. Have you thought about the reasons?

I don't have time

I don't know where to start

I don't have the experience

My idea may not be good

IdeaGist can help

  • Helps you work at your own pace
  • Gives you a starting point
  • Guides you through a process
  • Assists you in collecting feedback on your idea
  • Connects you with the right people
  • Enables you to build support around your idea

Key Features


  • Simple to follow step-by-step process
  • Find co-founders, mentors, and advisors
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Manage idea teams
  • Collect feedback on your ideas
  • Build your support network


  • Invest energy in developing the idea
  • Work on the idea at your own pace
  • Work on your idea from anywhere
  • Everything you need in one place
  • Focus on one action at a time
  • Do things in the right order
  • Avoid common mistakes

Being an engineer, entrepreneurship was a whole new arena for me to tackle. IdeaGist had tools and checklists that helped assess my idea and stay focused. The details provided for each checklist were very useful and informative. First-time entrepreneurs like me can save a lot of time and protect themselves from common mistakes by following IdeaGist model.

Kanthi Yalamanchili

Founder, Holor

The IdeaGist process is thoughtful and effective. If you are thinking about an idea, the initial THINK stage on IdeaGist is spot on. It can provide you the needed tools and assessments to make a smart go/no go decision.

Kristen Heimerl

IdeaGist was profoundly helpful in connecting with affordable and good quality talent to get the myriad of activities done, in setting up a customer facing business. As a first time entrepreneur, I was able to ask Ideagist mentors many questions about big and small hurdles to be overcome. This was crucial for the startup in being able to make progress with confidence or giving up prematurely. Truly appreciate it.

Rama Prasad

Founder, Teqnizan

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