100 Technology Startups by 2022


Pakistan is the 2nd largest youth population in the world with almost 150 million young people that are mostly connected to the Internet. At the same time, we are going through a global transition from the industrial age to the knowledge age in which technology is playing a critical role. Out of the 49 emerging technologies, there are 7 technologies that are disrupting almost every sector. These 7 technologies are 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain, Intelligent Vehicles, Internet of Things, and Smart Robots. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in emerging technologies has a worldwide potential of creating 50 trillion dollars of economic impact. Pakistan needs to take its fair share of this global market And we can do it by joining our forces.

We can do it if we combine the two biggest assets Pakistan has, youth and overseas Pakistanis. The youth of Pakistan has the energy and dreams and overseas Pakistanis have global exposure and professional experience.


Develop a strong network of overseas Pakistanis from professional backgrounds to launch Pakistani technology startups, serving the country while making money in the process.


100 Technology startups by 2023 launched at the global stage in emerging technologies, focusing on following tech clusters

  • HealthTech
  • EdTech, AgriTech and More


  • Largest incubation program in Pakistan
  • 40,000+ students are already enrolled
  • More than 80 universities are in partnership
  • Recognized nationally as a leader in incubation

Our Success in Pakistan

  • Nov 2018 Proposal to the Minister of IT on Startups
  • Feb 2019 Proposal to the Prime Minister office on Startups
  • Jun 2019 Approval by the PM and birth of Kamyab Jawan Startup Pakistan
  • Dec 2019 Soft launch of Startup Pakistan
  • Feb 2020 Pilot Cohort started with 4,800 students
  • May 2020 2nd pilot cohort with 20,000 students
  • Jul 2020 Graduation of 2760 students from the training program

In Collaboration with 80+ Institutions

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Despite COVID-19 we were able to graduate 2760 students without any government money

StartUp Pakistan




StartUps (By 2023)

Members (By 2020)


Launching  100 Technology Startups at the world’s stage By 2023, addressing indigenous needs through technology that is scalable at the global level.

How It Works ?

  • Quarterly idea pitch competition Pakistan 100 members vote on ideas
  • Select the top 10 ideas to be supported by the network
  • Setup legal structures
  • Setup advisory boards
  • Assign right mentors
  • Collectively support startups to grow fast

Ways To Contribute

Intellectual Capital

    • Advisory Board Member
    • Become a technology solution designer
    • Become and mentor or coach
    • Become a part-time Product Manager or CTO
    • Be part of the judges' panel
    • Technical Review

Social Capital

    • Make a sales connection by making an initial intro
    • Help broker a sales deal
    • Help broker a strategic partnership


Financial Capital

    • Invest as an angel investor
    • Invest in crowdfunding campaigns
    • Invest in an angel fund
    • Invest in a VC Fund


Earn Equity For Every Contribution 

  • Receive convertible notes in return for your contributions
  • For all convertible notes, Y-Combinator’s Safe Standard will be used
  • All companies will be registered as Delaware C-Corp
  • Your equity will grow with the success of the company
  • Exit at Series A


  • Willingness to actively create awareness about the program among overseas Pakistanis
  • Be responsive, attend demo events, vote in the quarterly pitch competition
  • Ready to invest at least 20 hours every year in actively supporting one or more startups
  • If an investor, ready to invest at least $5,000 per year

Become a Member

  • Referred by an existing member
  • Must have 10+ years international experience in technology, business leadership, or in entrepreneurship, ideally technology entrepreneurship
  • Must be determined to invest time, contacts and/or money, depending on the personal situation
  • Must be willing to take at least $20 per month membership, paid annually, to support the management of the network

Leadership Council Members

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Core Group Members

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Membership Request Form

Please provide the full international format, starting with +. Ideally your WhatsApp number.
Please use the email address that you use the most
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Please select the number of years of professional experience you have.
Please select only areas where you have more than one year of experience.
Membership in Pakistan 100 by referral only. Current members can refer their friends. Please enter the name of the person who invited you to this page.

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Pakistan 100

100 Technology Startups by 2023. Let's join hands with IdeaGist, Become a part of this Global Ecosystem for Pakistani Startups.