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Why This Course

We innovate learning Processes

Many universities with active Offices of Research and Innovation Commercialization (ORICs) are working hard to find the right corporate partners but finding it difficult to find good licensing deals in Pakistan. The gap between industry and academia is well documented and a lot must be done to build trust, based on mutual interest. now offers a full-day training program that focuses on commercialization through spin-offs. During the training, participants will learn about commercialization through entrepreneurial activities, best practices in commercialization contracts for spin-offs, and how to manage the commercialization tools and process.

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Learn Commercialization Process

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Goals & Objectives

Participants will learn about the commercialization basics and how they can plan for the commercialization of their own research, ideally developing a commercialization roadmap for the research they are doing by creating spin-offs.


A better understanding of the commercialization path
A better understanding of intellectual property protection types and methods
A better understanding of the spin-off commercialization model
Commercialization roadmap development


The training is provided by IdeaGist under our CSR program to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Pakistan. An administrative fee 10,000/- per participants will be charged.

Who Can Attend

Researchers in all disciplines.

Format of the Training

It will be a full-day training for two days, Maximum attendees will be 40.


An E- Certificate of attendance from IdeaGist Pakistan will be awarded to all attendees who will attend the training for two days.

Program Outline

We will cover the following key points during this whole training.

  • Understand the change – From Industrial Age to Knowledge Age
  • Intellectual curiosity, what propels the research
  • Intellectual Property Types
  • Commercialization, changing the perspective
  • Ways to commercialize
  • From Curiosity to Value – Commercialization Roadmap
  • Licensing IP – Commercialization Best Practices
  • Showcasing Intellectual Property for Commercialization
  • Types on Intellectual Property Protections
  • Best Practices to protect your Intellectual Property
  • Spin-off Policy, best practices
  • Hackathons to identify commercial applications
  • Commercialization Roadmap Development
  • Recruitment of Entrepreneurs
  • Critical Success Factors for successful spin-off strategy
  • Hands-on, pick an innovation, develop commercialization plan
  • National Innovation Showcase, a collaboration to create value through commercialization

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What People are Saying

Usman Siddiqui
Sir Syed University

It was a very productive session organized by Ideagist, where I learned how to fill the gap between startups and industry.

Dr.Sikandar Hussain
HOD, Nazeer Hussain University Karachi

It was a great learning experience to know about commercialization steps, and how to enhance the capabilities of entrepreneurs in commercializing their startups.

Dr. Asma Tabbassum
Director ORIC, University of Karachi

After attending this training, I have a clear picture of how to move my university towards commercialization.

Nayyar Ahmed
Research Associate, SZABIST Karachi

The trainer Mr.Hassan Syed explained each step professionally. I know more about spin-offs, Innovation, and commercialization. A fruitful addition to my knowledge.

Meera Rehman

Every topic is explained extensively, I would suggest to entrepreneurs, especially tech entrepreneurs should attend this training to have a clear road map for their startup.

Dr. Muhammad Qasim
Assistant Professor, University of Sufism

It was a complete learning package about the steps behind the commercialization process. I would highly recommend to startups and scholars to join this training.

Scholar, IBA Sukkur

As a startup, I was lacking with so much knowledge about commercialization that I have learned today. Its totally a new version of the entrepreneurial world.

Dr Uzma Jameel
Assistant Professor and Execuation Manager in Business Incubation Center Government College University Faislabad

in this training I have learned how can we run our incubation center in a streamlined process, from starting germination point to startup launching. how this flow works and what kind of activities should be conducted. in addition, we have also learned how to get funding opportunities, how to find angel investors, how we can capture VCs, and where startups lack in terms of incubation. with this two days training, I am hopeful that now we can improve our incubation center.

Hasnain Raza
Assistant Director Oric Manager Business Incubation Center Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology.

in this training I have learned how can we run our incubation center in a streamlined process, from starting germination point to startup launching. how this flow works and what kind of activities should be conducted. in addition, we have also learned how to get funding opportunities, how to find angel investors, how we can capture VCs, and where startups lack in terms of incubation. with this two days training, I am hopeful that now we can improve our incubation center.

Dr Irfan Khan
Lecturer at University of Engineering and Technology Multan

I came here to learn about the basic things like how to run an incubation center and I think I ve learned a lot, before coming here I was like a blank slate but now at this point, I think I pretty much have a vague idea about how you can take first few steps on how to start and manage an incubation center.

Faizan Khalid
Lahore School of Economics,

Just got done with the Ideagist’s training on incubation, the training was interesting and I enjoyed it a lot, excellent two days of learning Hassan Sahab had planned for us. Thanks

University of Technology Nowshehra

We are attending this training based on incubation management. We are learning different things like the problems we face in our incubation centers how we can solve them, and how can we educate and engage our students on entrepreneurship. How they can solve the challenge of collecting funds, and if any project fails how can we reorganize it, reduces its weaknesses, and how we can make it market driven? We are looking forward to attending these kinds of training and benefiting from them. Lastly, I would say that whoever is getting the invites for this training please take it seriously it'll be beneficial.

Kamran Hameed

As far as incubation management is concerned this is one of the new areas and I believe in this session the goal was to understand the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and what could be the role of different stakeholders in making this ecosystem successful and goal-oriented. things that I learned in this training are, what are the different practices that we can use in our incubation center example resource management, screen processes, funding arrangement, and how can we effectively use tools for technology? I believe that everybody should attend these training sessions, especially those universities that want to build their own incubation centers. This is the best platform.

Dr Nausheen Syed
Assistant Professor BIC Incharge

This training was really helpful for us because we are in the phase to start our incubation center, the training session was interactive and productive. I Recommend everyone to attend training like these and I’ve also requested Hassan Sahab to conduct training for our students.

Muhammad Irfan
Senior Engineer Center for Environment and protection studies

It was a good training workshop organized by ideagist. different areas of incubation were covered in the training. Favorable session particularly those people who want to start their startups. Ideagist is a platform that provides you the opportunity to connect with people. I am working in an environment sector

Dr Farhat Jabeen
Assistant Professor and in-charge Oric GC university Faisalabad

This training was very wonderful. Sir Hassan started from the very beginning from the germination stage to pre-incubation, idea development, post-incubation, and how an idea can be developed, everything was deliberately discussed in detail. It was a very interactive session question answer was also very productive. even those questions were answered which were not part of the thorough presentation. we are also looking forward to a boot camp at our university. I would highly recommend If any university is going to develop a Bic upon their sites they should contact Ideagist and they should have a training session with them. rather than making mistakes they already have their risk assessment so that they can move on safer lines.

Ayesha Aslam
Manager of innovation and commercialization at Oric FC College Lahore

I attended this 2 days workshop training by Ideagist on innovation-driven business incubation and I must say if you are working in BIC or willing to open one this is a mandatory training you should attend. Now I am clear on the method, processes, activities, training how to manage incubatees what are angel investors how we can attract them so it was a comprehensive training I appreciate the team and Mr. Hassan.

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