Innovation Commercialization Workshop


Make your Innovation work for you

Why this Course

Many universities with active Offices of Research and Innovation Commercialization (ORICs) are working hard to find the right corporate partners but finding it difficult to find good licensing deals in Pakistan. The gap between industry and academia is well documented and a lot must be done to build trust, based on mutual interest. now offers a full-day training program that focuses on commercialization through spin-offs. During the training, participants will learn about commercialization through entrepreneurial activities, best practices in commercialization contracts for spin-offs, and how to manage the commercialization tools and process.

Learn Commercialization Process

Goals & Objectives

Participants will learn about the commercialization basics and how they can plan for the commercialization of their own research, ideally developing a commercialization roadmap for the research they are doing by creating spin-offs.



  • A better understanding of the commercialization path
  • A better understanding of intellectual property protection types and methods
  • A better understanding of the spin-off commercialization model
  • Commercialization roadmap development

Who Can Attend

Researchers in all disciplines.


The training is provided by IdeaGist under our CSR program to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Pakistan. An administrative fee will be charged 30,000/- per day.

Format of the Training

It will be a full-day training, Maximum attendees will be100.
If you have more than 100 attendees registered please select slow pace option (Training for two days)


Attendees can apply for the certificates of attendance from International Institute of knowledge & Innovation for fee of 10000/- PKR.

Program Outline

We will cover the following key points during this whole training.

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