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We all come up with ideas, some good and some really awesome. Our ideas have the power to change the world, but without action, our greatest ideas only exist as dreams.

While we do get captivated by our ideas for few days, often we cannot act upon them because we either don’t have time and/or resources. Sometimes we don’t know where to start or how to work on our idea. Many of us drop our ideas only to watch someone else doing the same thing.

Even if we do take an action, we face challenges that we have never encountered before. The journey from an idea to an initial product is very difficult and we receive very little help at this crucial stage. Once we have developed a prototype or a working product, it becomes easy to attract investors, get hosted by an incubator, or accepted in an accelerator program.

So the question is, how can we work on our ideas, within the time and resources we have, and take them to a point where we can show results?