I had been working on this list for a while and my main objective was to find out how many virtual incubators started before we even thought about starting IdeaGist. My friends know that IdeaGist did not start as a virtual incubator. It was started as a place for people to share their ideas.

Virtual Business Incubators List

Here is the ever-growing global list of virtual incubators that either shared the plan to stat one, started but could not sustain or currently offering virtual incubator services:

Seq Name Site Status Site Type
1 28 Squared a Virtual Incubator & Artist Collective Inactive Unknown
2 American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) VBI Inactive Association
3 Baldwin County Virtual Business Incubator Inactive Consulting
4 BAVIN Inactive Other
5 BCC’s Virtual Incubator Inactive Unknown
6 Bitcoin startup virtual incubator Active Accelerator
7 Biz Starters Active Coaching
8 Black Hills Virtual Business Incubation Program Inactive Announcement
9 BLOSSOM: The Virtual Incubator for Nonprofits Active Virtual Incubator
11 Bridge for Billions Active Virtual Incubator
12 Business E-ncubator Active Other
13 CAP Services (USA) Active Community Support
14 CleverX Active Virtual Incubator
15 Cross Border Virtual Incubator (CBVI) Active Online Training
16 CrowdIt Inactive Unknown
17 Current VI Inactive Unknown
18 eCubation Inactive Unknown
19 eFactory VBI Program Active Accelerator
20 Endeavor Center VI Active Incubator
21 EnterpriseHelsinki’s NewCo Factory virtual incubator Active Accelerator
22 European Virtual Incubator  for Training and Support High-Tech SMEs Inactive eLearning
23 Exchange Nexus Inactive Unknown
24 EXPLORE Energy Inactive Virtual Incubator
25 Faster Capital Active Virtual Incubator
26 Fort Collins Virtual Business Incubator Inactive Virtual Incubator
27 GR SmartZone virtual incubator program Inactive Unknown
28 GrowHighlands.com  Active Community Support
29 Hubelo Virtual Incubator  Active Virtual Incubator
30 HVADC’s Incubator Without Walls Program Active Economic Development
31 IdeaGist Active Virtual Incubator
32 Incubator Without Walls (Eastern Washington University’s College of Business and PublicAdministration’s Business Resource Center) Inactive University
33 Incubator Without Walls (WHCA) Active Virtual Incubator
34 Incubator Without Walls Entrepreneurship Program Inactive Virtual Incubator
35 Incubator without Walls Outreach Program  (ARK-LA-TEX Regional Export & Technology Center (ARETC) Active Economic Development
36 INCUBATOR WITHOUT WALLS PROGRAM (BizWorks enterprize center) Active Co-Working Space
37 INCUBATOR WITHOUT WALLS PROGRAM (MCE) Active Entrepreneur Support
38 Institute for Energy & Sustainability’s Virtual Incubator Program (VIP) Active Incubator
39 International Business Incubator in San Jose Inactive Unknown
40 IWOW Active Virtual Incubator
41 IWW – Incubator Without Walls (MaineStream Finance) Active Virtual Incubator
42 Journey Page VBI Inactive Unknown
43 KURUVINDUM Active Virtual Incubator
44 Mash Lab Active Virtual Incubator
45 Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s virtual incubator Active Virtual Incubator
46 Miller Business Innovation Center – on-site and virtual business incubator Active Incubator
47 Minnesota SBDC Active Community Support
48 Morph Ventures Active Consulting
49 NATIONAL VIRTUAL INCUBATOR (NVI) Active Incubator Network
50 Netrepid Active Cloud Services
51 North Carolina A&T VI Active University
52 nReduce Active Coaching
53 NWAAC Virtual Incubator Active University
54 Odette Project for Technology, Innovation and Commercialization – Virtual Incubator (OPTIC-VI) Inactive Virtual Incubator
55 One Million by One Million (1M/1M) Active Virtual Incubator
56 Palo Alto Area Virtual Incubator Active Economic Development
57 Reality Crowd TV Media Corp Inactive Unknown
58 SD Tech Fund Virtual Incubator Active Techology Development
59 SDEE Virtual Incubator Odette Project for Technology, Innovation and Commercialization – Virtual Incubator (OPTIC-VI) Active Entrepreneur Support
60 Startup Wave Active Virtual Incubator
61 Startup.co Active Platform
62 StartupQuest Active Online Training
63 The Bridge Virtual Incubator Active Virtual Incubator
64 The NJIT Incubator Without Walls Inactive Unknown
65 The Pacesetters VBI Program Inactive Incubator
66 The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Virtual Business Incubator Active Virtual Incubator
67 VBI (Rio Salado College) Inactive Virtual Incubator
68 VBI at Accelerator (London`s BI) Active Accelerator
69 Vincubator Active Techology Development
70 Virtual Business Group Active Other
71 Virtual Business Incubator (ProRegio Foundation Inactive Unknown
72 Virtual Business Incubator Pilot Project in Madison Active Government
73 Virtual Incubation Program (HTDC) Active Government
74 Virtual Incubation Program (Renaissance Entrepreneurship center) Active Entrepreneur Support
75 Virtual Incubator Program (Innovation Network) Active Community Support
76 Virtual Incubator.In Active Virtual Incubator
77 Virtual Science Park Inactive Unknown
78 Virtual Student Business Incubator Active University
79 Virtual World Incubator Active Virtual Incubator
80 Youth CITIES Active Education

I have taken the initial list from Vasily Ryzhonkov’s site and validated most of them. The status “Inactive” represents that the website does not exist anymore. In many cases, the host organization of the virtual incubator still exists so they are not showing inactive. I have tried to categorize all sites as per their current information. I may have made mistakes and apologize for any errors.

If you would like me to add your virtual incubator to this list or help me correct some of the mistakes, please leave me a comment.

This list is sorted alphabetically but a future addition to this list may not be sorted correctly.

About the author bias: Hassan Syed is the founder of IdeaGist, the world’s first SaaS-based virtual incubator, offering a turnkey virtual incubator for early-stage ideas to economic development organizations and educational institutions worldwide.

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