Why Startup Pakistan Community

Startup Pakistan online community on IdeaGist.com platform is the largest community of entrepreneurs, innovators, mentors, investors, students, researchers, and freelancers. Almost 100,000 people in Pakistan are part of this fast-growing network. In addition to the vast national network, IdeaGist.com also connects the Pakistani ecosystem to over 400 communities worldwide in 195 countries and territories recognized by the United Nations. Join today if you are looking for help with your innovative ideas, looking for co-founders, seeking mentors, or need help in raising funding.

What We Do

IdeaGist is supporting PM's Startup Pakistan program by offering its Practical Entrepreneur Training program for free to all participants. This is an initiative by IdeaGist and it is not supported by the government with any direct or indirect money or association. Developed for first-time entrepreneurs to give them a good view of the path ahead, Practical Entrepreneur covers an entrepreneur's journey through four stages of maturity. Offering more than 80 short entrepreneurship learning videos from major universities and leading entrepreneurs, this program builds a basic foundation of entrepreneurial knowledge that is practical, and it can be done at your own pace. 

If you are a potential student or entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business, join this Practical Entrepreneurial program which offers 20 hours of insightful videos covering a range of topics that are critical for an entrepreneur to learn and grow further.