Startup entrepreneurs' breakfast of champions

Eat some breakfast then save the world.

Considering the hectic schedule and demands of launching and running a startup, it’s easy to neglect healthy eating habits, However, even the busiest entrepreneurs make time to fuel themselves every morning. Successful entrepreneurs live by the following principle:

Don’t skip breakfast

How often did your mom tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Mom was right. Entrepreneurs need protein and carbs not only to fuel their bodies but to fuel their brains as well. Skipping breakfast can have detrimental effects on focus, concentration, and decision-making abilities according to nutritionist Barbara Mendez.

Learn2Earn co-founder and CEO Hayley Brooks recommends a smoothie at the very least for busy startup founders (and staff) who don't have the wherewithal to put together a full-on bacon and eggs breakfast for themselves. 

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Startup entrepreneurs morning routine