Smart entrepreneurship: here are some quick updates and reminders for this week:

  1. IdeaGist hits the Globe – As of April 23, 2018, IdeaGist has users from all 195 UN recognized countries.
  2. IdeaGist 2018  – We have started the 2nd 2018 cohort with  230 entrepreneurs. Subscribe to IdeaGist Smart and support young entrepreneurs with great ideas.
  3. Learn how to start your own business  – Starting from May 14, 2018, IdeaGist will offer an online course in practical entrepreneurship. This specially designed course will consist of 50+ videos from top universities and 50+ learning articles on practical entrepreneurship. IdeaGist Smart members will get access to training for free.
  4. Funding Access – IdeaGist is working with two potential funding sources for people that have completed IdeaGist incubation “Execute” stage. Stay tuned for more.

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