“ISLAMABAD: With an increasing number of skilled individuals leaving the country for greener pastures, Pakistan might be on the brink of losing its brain capital.”

I read this news about 10 million Pakistanis leaving the country with a negative connotation. I believe that this news is presented wrong; we shall celebrate every overseas Pakistani.

We now live in the Knowledge Age where physical vicinity to work is not needed like it was in the Industrial Age. We now have 10 million people with great minds, ethics, and global exposure. This is Pakistan’s global brain and all of them care about their country. Imagine that each overseas Pakistani is a neuron in a larger global brain; to get activated, all they need is connectivity.

We are building a one million strong global brain of overseas Pakistanis under a project called Empower Pakistan. If you are an overseas Pakistani, please join Empower Pakistan today and get connected.

To learn more about Empower Pakistan, please visit our site at https://empowerpakistan.org