Name Type URL
Naver D2 Start-up Factory Incubator
Crevisse Incubator
Mashup Angels Incubator
KOISRA Seed partners Incubator
Seoul Global Startup Centre Incubator


Name Type URL
Primer Accelerator
Spark Lab Accelerators Accelerator
Future Play Accelerator
Neoply Accelerator
DreamPlus Accelerator
Schmidt Accelerator
New Paradigm Investment Accelerator p
VentureSquare Accelerator
Techstars Korea Accelerator Accelerator
Heritage Blocks Accelerator
Y&Archer Accelerator
Gold Ark Accelerator
K-startup Accelerator
Commax Ventures Accelerator
Shinhan’s Future Lab Accelerator
Starburst Accelerator
N15 Accelerator
Bluepoint Partners Accelerator
Actner Labs Accelerator
Lotte Accelerator Accelerator accelerator/about/
Fast Track Accelerator Accelerator accelerator/about/
Pacemakers Accelerator Accelerator

Venture Capital

Name Type URL
Magna Investment Venture Capital
KOISRA Seed partners Venture Capital
Spring Camp Venture Capital
Bitblock Group Venture Capital

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