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Artificial Intelligence is reshaping our world right now. In August, we announced our partnership with, an AI-based animation video software that can take any text or presentation and converts it into an animated video.

Here is what our team was able to do with 30 minutes of effort on

Squigl can generate computer-based sound too but for this video, we used the human voice. All IdeaGist users get three months free access and 50% discount on their regular price.

As an investor or venture capital professional, you may find this video more interesting.


Access to $50m VC fund for IdeaGist users:, the world’s largest digital incubator, announces a collaboration with Dubai-based cryptocurrency fund Oryx Prive Investment. Please make sure that your idea is ready. For the first round, applications will be by invitation only. You must have completed IdeaGist Think and Execute stages before applying.


IdeaGist at Hispanic Association for Colleges and Universities Annual Conference:
IdeaGist is hosting a workshop at HACU 2018 on how to start working on your idea. IdeaGist will offer 10 one-year incubation packages as prizes for the students. HACU is a network of more than 400 universities across the United States, with a mission to Champion Hispanic Success in Higher Education.


IdeaGist at IIT India Entrepreneurship Awareness Drive 2018:
IdeaGist is rewarding top students from different IIT campuses with our early stage incubation program.  If you have an IIT student with a good idea, ask them to join IdeaGist EAD 2018 site. If you have studied at IIT, we encourage you to join. Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) is a network of 23 independently run institutions with almost 12,000 students in undergraduate programs across India.


IdeaGist partners with 8 universities to launch a National Acceleration Program under its Empower Pakistan national initiative
IdeaGist is starting a national accelerator program in Pakistan for university students using a unique blended model that combines digital incubation with the classroom. Stay tuned for some inspiring stories from young entrepreneurs.


Crowdfunding Campaign for AwareTech
One of IdeaGist Network startup, AwareTech, has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo for their ConfiBoost product. ConfiBoost helps people with attention challenges. Please support them, it is a good product for a good purpose.


Incubig is winning
One of IdeaGist Network startup, Incubig has been selected amongst the Top 25 startups in a major competition. Incubig is the same company that received $10,000 from DigitalOcean under IdeaGist partnership with their Hatch program. Hassan Syed, the founder of IdeaGist, is mentoring Incubig and recommends that we should keep watching this company.


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