Jens Rinnelt, idea maker

IdeaGist 2017 Idea Makers: Jens Rinnelt.

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IDEA: Human Business – Making Business Human
Idea owner: Jens Rinnelt
Location: Malmö Sweden
Age: 29
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Summary of start-up idea: Making business human. Exploring alternative ways of organizing work in which the human is central to all decisions.

Creating a work environment that is built on human nature and in which all decisions contribute to the well-being of humans. Using our need for human connection to increase the number of engaged employees from currently only 15 percent in Europe.

What Jens tells us:
The idea of HumanBusiness is a classical consulting service. For now, there is no idea like it that makes use of technology; it is simply based on human interaction.

Jens is self-employed at Human Business, where his title is “BusinessHumanizer.”

His goal in life is to achieve a situation in which he can express what he believes and who he is through his work In a way that creates value for other people. His interests include organizational structures, exploring the opportunity to travel to the moon, and spending time in nature.