What is an IdeaGist Profile

An IdeaGist profile is your introduction to other IdeaGist users. It is just like your LinkedIn profile, providing details of your experience, expertise, interests and what are willing to offer on IdeaGist Collaboration Platform.


Why should I complete IdeaGist Profile?

IdeaGist is a collaboration platform, where people are trying to establish their startup businesses. During this process, they need help from different types of people and create opportunities for them. Whether, you like other people to help you with your ideas or you would like to see opportunities knocking at your door, you need to tell other people about yourself. Without this knowledge, please may not be able to learn about your strengths.

A good profile with a good picture is also important to build initial trust between people in an online platform. Many people on IdeaGist may have never met you in the past and your profile is a window through which they can look at your professional life.


Step-by-Step process to complete your profile at IdeaGist

  1. After logging in, click on your name in the top banner, which will take you to your profile page.My Picture Header


2. Your Profile Page will appear. Click here to learn more about your Profile Page.

3. Select Edit Profile from  the Action button, below your picture tile.

Picture Tile and Action Button


4. On the profile Edit Page, you will be able to change all your settings. Here are the details on the main edit area:

Profile Edit Page

(1) Primary Profile Type – This field tells everyone your main purpose of joining IdeaGist. Of course you may have multiple reasons to join and you can select other reasons as a secondary choice, under (2), I can also offer check boxes. IdeaGist has six Primary Profile Types: Mentor/Advisor, Investor, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Contributor, and Job Seeker. Contributor is the default profile type.

Your Primary Profile Type helps IdeaGist Platform to present you right kind of dashboard. You can experiment by changing your profiles and see its impact on the main dashbaord.

(3) Visibility of your Profile Summary text box can be set to Private, Connections Only and Public. We encourage you to keep your profile summary visible to public.

(4) Profile Summary – This text box contains a brief introduction of you professional activities. You can provide as much details as much you like. A good readable profile summary may have 200 to 300 words in it.

(5) Save button will update your profile. You will be given a choice to continue editing after save or go back to the profile view page.


After saving your basic profile

Once you have saved your basic profile, we encourage you to complete other profile sections too. You can find them on the left hand side. They will help other users to find you for the right kind of opportunities. An important section to complete is what you are “Willing to offer”.

Profile Sections Edit Menu

Thank you for reading this. Please visit IdeaGist Improvements Community to provide your feedback on IdeaGist functionality and to see what other people are asking us to do.