IdeaGist is the world’s largest virtual incubator for people with ideas. If you have an idea that can make a difference, solve a problem, or help people improve their lives and the lives of others, find out how IdeaGist’s virtual incubator can benefit you. It doesn’t matter if your idea provides social benefits or commercial gain, you can use our incubator to launch it.


We all come up with ideas, but coming up with an idea is not a ticket to success unless it’s put into action. There are many challenges idea makers must overcome in order to convert their ideas into a successful business. Some common challenges that often hold us back include the intractable inner dialogues you may be able to relate to, such as:

  • I am good at what I do but I am not an expert in every aspect of running a business.
  • I rely on my paycheck and leaving my job to work on an idea is not a risk that I can take.
  • I don’t have enough money to start a business
  • I have a great idea and all I need is …. (fill in the blank—an investor, a programmer, a developer, an app developer, a marketing person, etc.)

IdeaGist’s Virtual Incubator was designed to help people tackle the above challenges logically, and guide them in developing their ideas until they are ready to:

  • Abandon their idea because it did not work,;
  • bootstrap their idea by selling to customers, or;
  • raise money with a proven concept

We encourage all entrepreneurs to try bootstrapping, but we realize that may not be possible for all ideas. While raising money may appear to be the first step, it is really hard to go from an idea to a successful funding in one go. But there are many strategies that can be accomplished with little money to increase the probability of success. Our unique incubation process will help you to do more within your means and prepare you to launch your idea.


IdeaGist offers a simple step-by-step process in three stages: Think, Execute, Launch. Each stage contains roughly 20 steps. For each step, IdeaGist offers basic guidance and instructions; in some cases, it offers templates that can provide a solid foundation for your eventual business plan, learning materials, and other effective growth tools. Following the IdeaGist process will help you avoid major mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs often make, and increase the probability of your success.

It’s important to note that the IdeaGist platform is not about creating 500-page business plans. Every step in the process involves learning and acting. We recommend following lean practices, and proceed prepared to learn, change, and adapt as needed.


You’ll start by thinking carefully about your idea until you are ready for action. During the Execute stage, you actually work on developing your Minimum Viable Product and launch when you either start selling or approach investors with a proven concept.

The IdeaGist process focuses on taking you from the idea stage to launch at your own pace. You can go fast or slow, depending on your situation. You may already have completed many steps in our process and it’s ok to just mark them complete as you go.

What is the cost?

The IdeaGist Incubation Package is included in IdeaGist’s monthly or annual membership plans. Our premium members who subscribe to an annual membership plan also get the opportunity to pitch their ideas to angel investors after completing the Think and Execute phases. You can even buy an incubation package for a single idea at a very low one-time fee.


Have you hesitated to move forward with a great idea? What fueled your struggle? Have you had success moving forward? We'd love to hear from idea makers.

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