Startup Security Considerations

Mr.Rafeeq Rehman is a cyber-security specialist. He joined Pak100 BootCamp II, 2021 Lahore as a guest speaker on 31st august, 2021 via a zoom session at 3:00 PM.

The topic of his session was ’’ Startup security considerations’’ He expressed his views on how a startup should be prepared himself for upcoming challenges regarding security matters. The session was held for half an hour followed by a Q/A session in the end.

About the Guest Speaker – Rafeeq Rehman

Mr.Rafeeq is an author, entrepreneur, and Cyber security professional working with an awesome company and a super awesome team of professionals!

 He wrote a book on cyber security “Cyber security Arm Wrestling: Winning the perpetual fight against crime by building a modern Security Operations Center (SOC)” that is available at amazon.com. With a focus on Cyber security, computer networks, and 5G technologies, providing strategic guidance to the leadership of many global organizations in the field of information risk management.

He did an M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and MBA in Marketing and also an active member of the technology community and serves on boards of multiple non-profit organizations.

Key Points of Session

He started his thirty-minute session with the introduction of his professional skills and how he started his journey towards cyber security after completing his education in his respective field. As he is an author

The main focus was cyber security and how to protect your products and services from digital hackers and viruses.

He told the participants, due to the covid-19 workforce shifted to online and all the digital platforms faced a lot of threats regarding data security and other information. So a startup should have to very careful in this modern era even if he is working offline or not on digital platforms for entrepreneurial activities. 

Withal, he guided the entrepreneurs on how to protect and claim their intellectual property. In this contemporary epoch, there is a huge competition in every field so everyone should be prepared for expected challenges and outcomes. He explained to participants further how different company around the globe protect their intellectual property. Additionally, any startup can add information technology for innovation in its company. 

While explaining more about information theory, he mentioned three components of the said theory which are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. A startup must be aware of this and implement it in respective fields where needed. An entrepreneur should follow this theory while sending emails, using social media, official meetings communication, and cloud settings.

Moreover, he must be careful while attaching files in emails also there should be some antivirus while downloading any document. 

He suggested running your company with a brand security advisor who will keep an eye on all the communication processes and he can install antiviruses and security monitoring systems. 




Speaker's Speech