Ignite and How it is working Nationwide for the Betterment of Startups

Mr. Asim Shahryar Husain, CEO Ignite joined Pak100 BootCamp II, 2021 on the last day in Haripur. He shared his views on Ignite and how it is working nationwide for the betterment of startups


About the Guest Speaker – Asim Shahryar

Asim is a Seasoned C-level Executive with more than 25 years of experience in strategy, business planning, product management, project management, marketing planning and execution, and sales of technical services. He is the Board Member of Pakistan Software Export Board (2014-2017), National ICT R&D Fund (2014-2016), COMSATS Internet Services (2010-14), and Open Source Foundation of Pakistan (2013-present). Moreover, he is also President of, Open Source Foundation of Pakistan, 2018-present.

Key Points of Session

Mr. Shahryar Husain expressed his views on entrepreneurship and how to ignite is working to help and guide the entrepreneurs.

Firstly, he briefed about the ignite system and a wide range of NIC offices in the whole country. He added more that already five national incubation centers are working under ignite and they have a plan to open some more NICs in Hyderabad and other cities.

He shared the success stories of national incubation centers. He said that ignite is planning to set vertical incubators for gaming and animation, health, and technology. Withal he explained the national programs of Digi skills and courses related to E-commerce for all over Pakistan. He invited all participants to learn from these courses that are available in the most of renowned fields. He shed a light on data mining, freelancing, and business planning online training that ignites is planning to offer next year.

He emphasized that one should not go for investment first but have to develop a viable product according to the market demand. It will increase the chances of getting more revenue. He guided more than in such kind of startups, investors will be more attracted.

This productive session was ended with a Q/A session where he answered most of the queries asked by participants.

Speaker's Speech