Why all Entrepreneurs need to harness Empathy?

About the Guest Speaker – Aisha Memon

Ms. Aisha is a member of pak100 bootcamp IdeaGist. She is working at Cisco as Data Governance and Democratization Product Owner Business Operations Manager. Aisha is the Founder/CEO of AlKemizeX to inspire and empower Digital Transformation. Before joining Cisco, she has worked at Apple in the HR department.

Key Points of Session

Ms. Aisha Memon has joined the pak100 Bootcamp II, 2021 on 11th august. The topic of her session was “Why all Entrepreneurs need to harness Empathy”. The session was held for 30 minutes.

She started her session by explaining what empathy means in general and then in business. She explained empathy in business is to know what problems people are facing, how they are feeling, how we can solve the problems, and who will get benefit from them. She mentioned the known idiom by saying “you should know how to walk in someone else’s shoes” to know your customer and its segment. She also added another meaning of empathy that is related to ourselves. She advised the participant to know their limitations, as every day we are learning and we keep learning whole life therefore we should empathize with ourselves too. She also emphasized not to judge yourself so that you can have more compassionate communication and if you have compassionate communication, it means you will influence others. Empathy is the superpower that helps you to unlock your creativity.

She told the participants to treat themselves as own asset and invest on yourself. She stated the three main pros of empathizing yourself that you will start confident and effective communication but keep in your mind you don’t know everything, be open for learning at each step. She advised not to be defensive when someone criticize, show yourself by your hard work or success. Most entrepreneurs get burnout due to less empathy in themselves.

At the end of the session, she explained how Pakistani entrepreneurs can get closer to the style of Silicon Valley. She advised the participant to remain their authentic self and stay grounded in their identity.

Speaker's Speech