Clarity of Vision

About the Guest Speaker – Muhammad Raza Khan

Mr. Muhammad Raza Khan is a Mentor, Certified knowledge broker, and business growth expert. He helps owners, directors and entrepreneurs to grow, increase profits and increase the value of their small or medium-sized businesses using world-class mentoring system. He is the leading member of Pak100 leadership council.

Key Points of Session

Mr. Muhammad Raza khan has joined the pak100 bootcamp II, 2021 on 2nd august. The topic of his session was the clarity of vision. It was a 45 minutes session including a vision of life and how one can plan his next life with good opportunities. He told the participants that being an entrepreneur what exercise should they do to clear their upcoming days of life where they have to grow their business as well as their personal life.

Being in the industry for good 20 years he built an agenda of personal development. Over this period he comes to know how clarity of vision in life is important. He defines some tools and strategies to align life. During his session at the Bootcamp, he told the entrepreneurs that a clear life vision can lead a person to good leadership. His emphasis is more on the planning of leading a meaningful life. To lead a successful life a clear vision of life will work as a GPS to your success.

He relates the life goals with career and passion, health and personal development, financial stability, and social responsibilities. He said that faith and religion mostly come in the end but if one switches this on priority he will be more successful as he quoted his personal example as well. How to deal with different challenges regarding the above-mentioned areas of life goals.

He gave entrepreneurs an exercise to measure the success ratio of their goals and how they can plan their life in an effective way. 4c’s are absolutely an amazing way of measuring your life goals and completing a task. Courage, commitment, capabilities, and confidence are the key and sum up of this well-informed session.


Speaker’s Speech