10 Simple ideas that launched entrepreneurial fortunes

Occasionally, entrepreneurs make it look so easy to make a fortune you're left wondering why we aren't all entrepreneurs.

Simple ideas, and the fortunes they made their creators:

  1. Post-it notes. (Specifically the re-adherable glue on the back). $7.33 billion
  2. Trunki children's ride-on, sit-on suitcases. (4 years in development). $128.38 million as of 2016
  3. The Slinky. Conceived after a clumsy mistake when a guy dropped a tension spring. $250 million
  4. Loom Bands children's bracelets. Global popularity lasted just a couple of years. $130 million
  5. Pet Rocks. Originally created as a gag gift in the 1970s. $15 million in the mid-70s.
  6. Spanx. And undergarment that flattens the figure. $1 billion.
  7. Crocs. Comfortable made from a trademarked material that is lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant. $1 billion in sales per year.
  8. Velcro. hook and loop fasteners. $100 million in revenue per year.
  9. Yellow smiley faces. Iconic image encouraging people to “Have a nice day!” $500 million
  10. iFart app. The whoopee cushion for the iPhone. $400,000

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10 simple ideas that launched entrepreneurial fortunes