Help entrepreneurs worldwide in succeeding and get rewarded

Benefits for Disruptors

  • Referral fee on successful applicants
  • Paid coaching sessions to our Entrepreneurs through our Incubation managers.
  • Special Entry Passes and Golden tickets.
  • Global Recognition
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Early access to the advisory board formation process.
  • Co-Founder invitations for mentors/advisors that match the skillset.

Golden Ticket

  • Given highly innovative idea by partnering teachers.
  • It bypasses the selection process.
  • Special Mentoring Session if Ideagist founder.
  • Valid for the upcoming cohort only.
  • Our gift to the partnering professors and community leaders​.

Entry Pass

  • Given to innovative ideas by partnering teachers.
  • It bypasses the initial evaluation step and get first in the line.
  • Our gift to the partnering professors and community leaders.
  • Valid for upcoming cohort only.

Our Network





for the Pre-Incubator

Help convert ideas into clearly defined business concepts.

Help in deciding if the idea is a good investment of your time and money

Help early-stage entrepreneurs to become ready to develop their MVP.

Help entrepreneurs in dropping ideas that are not feasible

About Ideagist

Ideagist is the world’s largest incubation platform, connecting 100s of communities around the world. Our incubated startups have won several awards, and have successfully raised funding.

Ideagist Global Virtual incubator offers a simple to follow process, access to entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and mentors. It helps you connect with other like-minded people world wide.

Ideagist does not take credit for the success of startups that have used our global platform, simply because Entrepreneurs are really the key to the success of their startups.

Qualifications as Disruptor

  • Minimum Ten years of real-life experience
  • At least one startup experience
  • Willingness to volunteer one hour of mentoring every month

Expression of Interest

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