Career Program for Universities

Are you a university administrator looking to empower your students with the skills and guidance needed to thrive in today's rapidly evolving job market? Look no further! Ideagist presents a groundbreaking opportunity to revolutionize career planning for your students with our innovative Career Counseling Program.

Commitment to Success

We are committed to your university's success and the future prosperity of your students. Our program requires minimal commitment from your end

  • Send two emails to all students annually to enroll in the program and attend one of our sessions.
  • Arrange two classroom sessions every year with our expert team as they plan their annual road trip.

Why Choose Ideagist's Career Counseling Program?

During our one-day intensive workshop, you'll delve into the core components of effective career planning:

Personalized Career Advice

Get custom career advice from our Career Chatbot! Tailored guidance for every student to navigate the AI and tech-driven future with confidence.

Expert Guidance

Access two classroom sessions and four live online classes every year conducted by our seasoned professionals, empowering your students with industry insights and career planning strategies

Industry Connections

Gain access to exclusive job and internship opportunities through our extensive network of industry partners, opening doors to valuable real-world experience for your students.

Flexible Pricing

We understand the importance of flexibility for universities. That's why we offer competitive pricing options tailored to your institution's needs:

First Round Offer

Enjoy a three-month free trial, followed by a nominal fee of USD 45 per month for unlimited students and sessions.

Later Joiners

Sign up later and pay USD 100 per month, billed annually, for unlimited students and sessions.

Program Fee

  • Initially the program is free for partnering institutions if they agree to the confidentiality
  • There is a security deposit of PKR 25,000 that will be refunded after 20 students completed any of your program with satisfaction.
  • If 15% or more students were not satisfied with your training, we will remove you from the program and will not refund the security deposit
  •  After returning the security deposit, if at any given time 10% or more students were dissatisfied with the training provided, we will cancel your enrollment in the program or ask for the security deposit to continue.

How to join

Visit to register your training institute with us
Once we have received your entry, we will send you a draft Memorandum of Understanding that you can sign and send it back
Once MOU is signed by both parties, you will be asked to submit your training information to be added to our database and send the security deposit

Take the First Step

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and professional growth?

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