Training companies in Pakistan

face a significant challenge in adequately preparing university students and recent graduates for successful careers amidst the disruptive tide of emerging technologies. The prevailing lack of practical experience, expert career counseling, and planning guidance among students leads to aimless pursuits, squandering valuable time, resources, and opportunities. Consequently, the potential of Pakistan's youth to harness disruptive technologies and contribute meaningfully to the economy remains largely untapped.

Why Career Planning Matters For Tech Companies

  • Access to Qualified Leads and Industry Insights.
  • International Accreditation and Affiliation.
  • Enhanced Program Development and Quality Assurance.
  • Financial Incentives and Intellectual Property Protection.

Why Ideagist

By joining hands with Ideagist, your training company not only plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of Pakistan's workforce but also gains access to a robust ecosystem of support, resources, and opportunities. Together, let's embark on a journey of empowerment, innovation, and economic prosperity.

Receive qualified leads through our program with clarity on what your customers need

Discover industry needs & access unique courses co-created by Ideagist & international partners.
Get international affiliation with International Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, Saylor Academy, Ideagist USA, and many other organizations that offer certification.

Our Approach

At Ideagist, we don't just offer training – we empower you to become a master of your craft. Here's what sets our workshop apart

Provide a quarterly list of courses offered by your institution, along with the fee and schedule.


Offer a good discount to the students coming through Ideagist


Provide certification information offered by Ideagist to all your students as part of their orientation.


Follow quality guidelines provided by Ideagist from time to time on which areas must be covered in certain training programs. This will help you strengthen your programs.


Respect our intellectual property and agree not to copy our courses for a period of three years after ending our collaboration.

Program Fee

  • Initially the program is free for partnering institutions if they agree to the confidentiality
  • There is a security deposit of PKR 25,000 that will be refunded after 20 students completed any of your program with satisfaction.
  • If 15% or more students were not satisfied with your training, we will remove you from the program and will not refund the security deposit
  •  After returning the security deposit, if at any given time 10% or more students were dissatisfied with the training provided, we will cancel your enrollment in the program or ask for the security deposit to continue.

How to join


Visit to register your training institute with us

Once we have received your entry, we will send you a draft Memorandum of Understanding that you can sign and send it back
Once MOU is signed by both parties, you will be asked to submit your training information to be added to our database and send the security deposit

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