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The Ideagist Master Talent Pool is a curated database of professionals with diverse skills. We can save you time and money by managing your projects and getting the work done at low hourly rates.

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  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • App Development
  • Content Writing/Copywriting
  • E-commerece assitant
  • Data Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics Design
  • Legal Assistance
  • Online Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Translation
  • Video and Animation
  • Virtual Assistance
  • Website Design, Development, and Management
  • and much more


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Terms and Conditions

  • Accepted Projects are the ones that can be delivered by a single freelancer. Projects that need a larger team can be executed as special projects.
  • Minimum 5 hours per project. On-going projects will be a minimum of 5 hours per week billing.
  • If you are not satisfied with the results from our resource, we will assign another resource to your project without affecting your balance of hours. If after two attempts, you were not satisfied, we will consider it a special project and work with you to deliver to your satisfaction.
  • Special projects are billed at an accelerated rate due to the complexity involved but your account manager will first agree on a budget with you before starting a project. The Project Manager can decide if a fixed budget can be offered for a project, or if it shall be variable with a cap. In either case, you will have control over how many hours shall be allocated.
  • The pilot subscription will be locked for two years as long as you maintain your subscription.
  • The hourly rates for additional hours will change after December 31, 2023, for all subscribers but the subscription fee is locked for two years for all pilot customers.
  • Account Manager time will be billed at 15 minutes billing units for every conversation outside a running project. Once a project is approved by you to start, all conversations on the project will be covered within the project budget.
  • Platinum Customers will be able to use their balance of hours for the month in the special project at 150% consumption per hour. For example, two hours on a special project will be counted as 3 hours of their regular monthly quota.
  • Gold and Platinum Customers are allowed to hire any freelancer full-time directly after paying a one-time referral fee of $1,500. We will work with you to reach an agreement with the freelancer.


What is Freelancing 3.0?

Freelancing 3.0 addresses the challenges of the current freelancing platforms.

The current model requires the customer to make the right choices in picking the freelancers, the customer must provide the technical details or make technical choices and accepts the responsibility for the results.

The current model is also harsh on freelancers as they have to market themselves, juggle multiple projects at the same time, and deal with the uncertainty of getting the projects.

Freelancing 3.0 addresses all these problems and makes the experience better for both the customer and freelancer. It provides an essential middle layer that protects both parties from disappointment.

What is a project?

A project is a deliverable that you need a freelancer to work on. For example, designing a new logo, creating a social media post with attractive graphics, or editing a video to your liking.

A project could also be an ongoing task, like posting five social media posts weekly or reposting a post from your social media account to a number of groups on LinkedIn or Facebook.

What is included in the blended rate?

60% time of the main freelancer resource

20% time of the high-quality delivery manager to ensure timely delivery

20% time for the account manager to ensure clear communications and overall administration

Why don't you have a pay-as-you-go model?

We want our freelancers to have a decent reliable monthly income. Pay-as-you-go models often take more of the client's time and do not get results as the freelancer is not motivated enough for a $10/$20/$30 project and loses interest when the customer demands rework.

In addition to this, we have account managers to interface with the subscribers and offer them delivery managers to ensure timely delivery of results. This cannot be done with a minimum commitment by the customers.

What is a special project?

A special project is a deliverable that requires multiple freelancers to work together. For example, designing, developing, content writing, and publishing a website. Such a project will need multiple freelancers to work on different stages of the project.

Such projects require a project manager to manage the interdependencies to deliver good-quality results.

You can always do a special project yourself by dividing them up into multiple simple projects and managing the project yourself.

What kind of projects are allowed?

Any kind of project that can be done by one freelancer is allowed. Here are some examples:

– Design a logo
– Design business cards
– Design letterhead
– Develop brand guidelines

– Design a sitemap
– Design a page template
– Design a page
– Develop a webpage
– Register a domain name and host a site
– Configure and secure a website
– Perform SEO on a page
– Launch a website

Data Collection/Entry/Cleansing
– Find a LinkedIn profile similar to the sample
– Find companies on LinkedIn with specific criteria
– Find people community colleges in a state, province, or country
– Combine data from multiple spreadsheets into one table and clean it as much as possible.
– Enter data into an application from paper or other sources.

These are just examples. Your Account Manager will be able to address any needs that you may have.

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