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Pakistan is among the world’s youngest countries and facing a youth bulge that means the majority of its population is comprised of youngsters. It is estimated that 64% of Pakistan's total population is under the age of 29 while 30 percent falls between the ages of 15 and 29. This bulge is a huge challenge for economic development as nearly four million young people stepping into the labor market every year with fewer jobs to fill. This gap between young people and jobs can be reduced by supporting a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and by helping these young people in starting up their own businesses. IdeaGist Startup Pakistan Leadership Development Program is designed to develop entrepreneurial leaders that are innovative and willing to play a leadership role in the future economy.

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Under the IdeaGist Startup Pakistan Leadership Development program, Ideagist is offering the opportunity of learning, earning, and gaining practical experience to lead as an entrepreneur. This is a one-year leadership development program that will help in developing thought leadership, team leadership, and action leadership skills. Under this Leadership Development Program, a leadership team of four to six students will conduct a monthly event focusing on entrepreneurship and innovation, connecting students with each other and encouraging a career in entrepreneurship. The first-person joining from any campus will become the team lead for one year, as long as they successfully recruit a team of four students, representing one student from each academic year. The criteria for applying are that the individual must be interested in and passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. 

If your university name is not listed, it may be an opportunity for you to apply as the team lead.


Ideagist will provide support through arranging a meeting planner for the quarter, monthly activity checklist, flyers for the meeting, PowerPoint Deck for every meeting, an online community for event sign-ups, and arrangement of guest speakers on a Zoom 

Program Targets

  • Conduct 10 events on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Four people leadership team (Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4)
  • Encourage your fellow students to become entrepreneurs


  • Organize and lead one student meeting every month
  • An average commitment of 2 hours per week
  • Be disciplined to complete weekly tasks on time

IdeaGist Support

  • Meeting Planner for Quarter
  • Monthly Activity Checklist
  • Flyers for the meeting
  • PowerPoint Deck for every meeting
  • Online Community for Event Sign-ups
  • Guest speaker arrangement on Zoom


The Club members will get the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Get a certification of the Leadership Development Program. 
  • Enjoy an on-campus influence.
  • Get one 50 percent discount voucher on all International Certifications every quarter based on performance.
  • Every quarter, cash bonuses will be rewarded based on key performance indicators.
  • Get access to weekly training and development events.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to get selected as an Intern at Ideagist and with partners.
  • Leadership Recognition Awards every year for top performers


  • 1 Year commitment.
  • Regular reporting on activities & meetings.
  • You need to be responsive and available.
  • You must be registered in HEC recognized university.
  • Adhere to a high standard of ethics and morals.


Be the first one in your campus to apply and enjoy one year of leadership position.

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