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A Successful Startup Needs


A well defined idea that is clearly connected with a market need is the first thing you need for a successful startup. If you have an idea but not sure, Ideagist can help you in refining your idea and evaluate if it is a good fit for you. If you already have a good idea, Ideagist will help you in building your team. Lastly, if you don't have any idea, Ideagist will help you find the right idea team to join.


A good and well balanced team the second critical success factor for a startup. Founders struggle in finding the right team for their ideas. If you become part of this program, Ideagist will help you in finding the right team and also help you building the right contract that protects founders from unproductive co-founders and ensures that co-founders get a reaosnable equity for their contributions.


Even if you have a good idea and a good team, without a good plan it is hard to succeed. With Ideagist Startup Engineers program we help you create a well thought execution plan to develop your Minimum Viable Product (MV), ensuring that you have all the resources to complete your MVP. Ideagist model ensures that you engage your customer early on in the development process.


A plan without proper execution does not worth the paper it is written on. Ideagist Startup Engineers program ensures an experienced advisor board that not only helps in execution but also helps in coaching the leadership team through the the execution process until an MVP is developed and product/market fit is validated through early adopters.


Without finances it is extremely difficult to launch a startup. Ideagist Startup Engineers Program is your key to raising needed funds for growing your startup and capturing the targetted market share. Ideagist has a network of over 2,000 investors that are looking for good deals and our team will prepare you and your team to present your startup with confidence.

Benefits To Join This Program

  • Gain experience in a high-potential startup
  • Become part of our global team
  • Improve your skills as an entrepreneur
  • Get ready for your own startup
  • Job opportunities
  • Great future reference like co-founder of Careem, Uber, Facebook.
  • Job certificate and reference provided by Ideagist USA

Your Commitments

  • Ready To learn
  • Ready to deliver whatever assigned to you
  • Ready To be a Team player.
  • Ready to own the startup
  • Ready to act as Professional.

Startup Engineers

We know the game and we have built a system

Startups need proper engineering to make sure that they are running like well-oiled machines. Partner with the experts that are committed to make starups successful. We offer process, tools, resources, business model, equity distribution model, legal contracts, and implement best practices to protect the intests of all stakeholders in an equitable manner.


Ideagist's Startup Engineers program is designed bring all ingredients of a good startup recipie together, implement best practices, and provides a platform to  Founders, Co-Founders, Mentors, Advisors, Service Providers, and Investors around good ideas.

Startup Engineers Application Form

Register in Ideagist's Startup Engineers program to become a Founder, Co-founder, Mentor, Advisor, Service Provider, Supporter, or Investor in promissing startups that have high probability of success.

Select the level of formal education, either online or offline
Just type in your last degree major
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Experience Section

Please select the number of years in full-time equivalent. For example, if you worked half the time for one year, that will be equivalent to six months full-time. Use 25% for internship work.
Please select all your skills. Please do not overestimate yourself and select only areas where you have at least six months or more hands-on experience.
Please select as many as many you have experienced with. Industry expertise are critical to the success of a B2B startup. Please do not overestimate yourself and select only sectors where you have at least three years or more experience.

Role in the Startup Section

Multiple selection, select all that applies to you.
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