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The Opportunity

Startups need service just like any other business but their culture and their decision making is different from established businesses. There are more than 1600 ideas brewing on IdeaGist and they need all kinds of services. We would like to develop a network of services providers that have an understanding of startup businesses and are willing to develop a long-term relationship with entrepreneurs.

If your answer is yes to the following questions, you can become our partner:


We would like to be able to present our partners to our network with a level of trust and confidence. Before applying to be a service provider on our network, we would like to make sure that your company is willing to:

Special Terms

We don’t like to see IdeaGist as a place for people trying to sell their services, instead, we would like to have entrepreneurs in control. While everyone that joins IdeaGist, must adhere to our general terms and policies, our partners must accept some basic rules:

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