National and International certification through NTS in Collaboration with Ideagist

Ideagist USA, the world's largest incubation platform and international institute for knowledge and innovation, collaborates with National Testing Service to offer a unique entrepreneurship certification.

What Is Certification In Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship certification proves you know about starting and growing a business. It helps people trust you and gives you more chances for success in the business world.

Offers two certifications
through one test.

Scheduled Exams

Stay ahead with our scheduled exams that align with your timeline. Based on your score, you can apply for both national and international certifications.

Complete your Exam

Up to 40 from a pool of 120 MCQs to be completed in under 40 minutes with a strict timer. Online tests shall have no option to go back and change the answers.

Claim Your Certificate

Congratulations on completing the test! Your certificate of completion is ready to be claimed.

IIKI Washington DC and Ideagist USA offers international Certification In Entrepreneurship

Ideagist USA, the world's leading online incubation platform, and IIKI Washington DC, the top global knowledge management organization, have joined hands to offer an extraordinary entrepreneurship certification program with the National Testing Service. Together, we're shaping a brighter future for aspiring entrepreneurs!

Certification Price

Regular Price $100 Introductory Price $20

National Certification COMSATS and Ideagist USA

COMSATS University is a trusted partner in Pakistan's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. Since 1998, COMSATS University has been a beacon of knowledge and innovation, with seven campuses, 103 academic programs, and a distinguished faculty of over 2,100. In collaboration with the International Institute of Knowledge and Innovation, and Ideagist, COMSATS University is poised to lead Pakistan's entrepreneurial ecosystem to new heights.

Certification Price

Regular Price Rs.10,000 Introductory Price Rs.3000

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