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Incubation Process

A Good Start

At this stage, an experienced entrepreneur will learn about you and help you identify the first or next step of your entrepreneurial journey, or help you identify your initial business choices that have the least risk of failure. We will review your readiness and based on the responses, you will receive a list of pre-requisites or goals that you must complete before embarking on your journey as an entrepreneur.


Over 20,000 people have taken's Practical Entrepreneur training program.

Learn entrepreneurship basics before spending your money on setting up your first business.

Business Options Evaluation

With the help of a coach, evaluate your business options and ideas in a systematic way. Use the most advance incubation process in the world and over 10 highly specialized tools to help you pick the right starting point. 

At the end of this step, you will have determined your first business.

Business Planning

Work with an experienced mentor and seasoned entrepreneur to develop a robust  execution plan for your business idea. This is not internet based generic advice, it will be a discussion between you and your mentor. Outcome of this stage is your own execution plan, customized to your specific situation.

Startup Setup

During this stage, we will help you setup your business, including registering your company, setting up the website, accounting, banking, product packaging, social media, office, store-front, and any other thing you need to get ready for your customer.

Our goal is the you spend your hard earned cash on bare minimum.

Getting Your First Customer

Reaching your first customer is the most difficult part of startup. Our seasoned mentors will be available to help you reach this goal.

You will be able to discuss with them strategies on how to reach the clients, how to present your value proposition, and how to close the deal.

Once you have served your first customer successfully, you will be able to repeat it with others. 

Year 1 Mentoring

During the most crucial time in your business, an experienced mentor will continue to help you in dealing with difficult situations.

During this stage, you will have two monthly meetings with your mentor to discuss different issues and you will also  have access to experts in different areas to consult, depending on your specific needs,

Our Mentors

Your Path to Success

Pay only $150 to start and save $6,550
Pay as you Go

A Goos Start – 1 Week

After completing the application form on this page, our team will identify the relevant business mentor from over 4,000 mentors worldwide to discuss your specific situation. You will receive the profile of the mentor and after your approval, our team will setup the appointment.

After the appointment, you will fill a pre-meeting information sheet for the mentor to come prepared. Mentor may ask clarification questions before the meeting to ensure best outcome for you during the meeting.

During your meeting with the mentor, you will discuss your specific situation and potential ways in which you can start your own business safely.

Outcome of this step will be a high-level roadmap for you to start your journey.

Value: USD 350

Apply today for USD 150, save USD 200

Online Training – 4 Weeks

Take our unique online Practical Entrepreneur training, covering over 80 important topics for first time entrepreneurs. This training is already completed by over 20,000 people worldwide.

During this training, you will watch carefully selected videos by experienced entrepreneurs on these important topics.

Outcome of this step will be a better understanding of the journey ahead and knowledge of nomenclature used within the startup world.

Value: USD 50

Apply today for USD 0, save USD 50

Business Options Evaluation – 8 Weeks

Embark on a journey of idea discovery, evaluate your idea and build you plan based on a solid foundation. During this journey, an expert mentor will be your guide to use Ideagist's most advance pre-incubation process.

Outcome of this step will be a decision on which business shall be your first choice.

Value: USD 4,700

Apply today for USD 2,000, save USD 2,700

Business Planning – 4 Weeks

Work with an experienced mentor and seasoned entrepreneur to develop a robust  execution plan for your business idea. This is not internet based generic advice, it will be a discussion between you and your mentor. 

During this stage, you will receive four consulting sessions with your mentor to develop a business plan for your startup. Each session will focus on different aspects of your planning.

Outcome of this stage is your own execution plan, customized to your specific situation.

Value: USD 1,500

Apply today for USD 600, save USD 900

Startup Setup – 6 Weeks

Setup your legal entity, tax registration, business license, bank account, merchant account, website, marketing materials, procurement, leasing, and many other things that you will need for setting up your startup properly.

Our experienced experts will help you make the right choices. Cost of services from third party like company registration, website development, etc., and government fees are not included in pricing but our experts will protect you from someone taking advantage of you.

Value: USD 3,000

Apply today for USD 1,200, save USD 1,800

Launch your Startup – 1 Week

This is your day to announce to the world that you are in business.

Value: Unimaginable

Free for all

Your First Customer

When you get your first customer, you will have to deal with a range of things, including service contracts, billing, customer engagement, and many other things.

An experienced expert will work with you, providing four hours of consultancy during the process of onboarding the customer and providing them the service they bought. Addition time can be purchased depending on the needs.

Value: USD 1500

Apply today for USD 600, save USD 900

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Better yet, pay only as you go, no upfront commitment, just do one step at a time.

Total investment to a safe start is under USD 5,000

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