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Accelerators and Incubators

Connect your entrepreneurs with mentors and investors, locally and globally

Economic Development Organizations

Bring your whole ecosystem together around innovative ideas

Small to Medium size Enterprise

Start collaborating on innovative ideas today

Higher Education Institutions

Support next generation of entrepreneurs


Connecting entrepreneurs and innovators with other stakeholders is a good idea but:

We don't have time

We don't have money

It is complex


Technology is hard to manage

IdeaGist makes it simple

  • Saves time by providing ready to start online community
  • Offers low price subscription model
  • Provides simple management tools
  • Cloud hosted, we take care of the technology

Key Features


  • Simple user registration and rich profiles
  • Events Management with RSVP
  • Community Directory
  • Community stats and data export
  • Mentors Assignments
  • Blogs
  • Virtual Idea Incubator (Pre-Incubator) Add-on

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