Global Incubator Center

global incubation center
Two months pre-incubation weekends program offered by IdeaGist. A process used by 1000s of entrepreneurs worldwide to develop their ideas or drop the ones that are not possible within the current market conditions and resources available to the entrepreneur.
If you have an idea and would like to work on it professionally, we are here to help. Our model uses Lean Startup practices and we promote bootstrapping your startup until your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is developed and is validated by few customers.
Overall Objective
Convert your idea into a well defined concept to start developing your plan for a minimum viable product.
The program is offered through a series of 7 hands-on training sessions on zoom, providing all the tools and template to complete the tasks.
Registration Plan
Each session is priced at USD 20 and you can drop your idea at session. If you would like to learn the whole process of converting an idea into a well-defined concept, you can get all 7 sessions for USD 100, Once you have completed the pre-inucbation steps, Ideagist offers full incubation program with global cohorts, covering a range of technologies and sectors. Think global from day one and start building your network with
The main goal of the Pre-Incubate stage is to help an individual with an idea/concept and convert it into a well-defined concept with a ready to go team.
Aug 01st 2022, 10:00am

Per Session

$ 20

Just 20$ for each session!

Full Session

$ 100

Save 40$! Book all the sessions together!

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