7 hands-on Sessions

12 tools

50 peers to support


Universities often do not have enough resources to help student entrepreneurs.

$600 billion

worldwide economic activity by startups.

should also benefit from this economic activity.

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To help you convert your idea into a clearly defined business concept.

To help you decide if the idea is the one you should invest in or drop for a better one.

To help the early-stage entrepreneurs complete the ideating stages to become eligible for the next phase.

To help entrepreneurs drop ideas that are not feasible so that they don’t waste their time, energy, and resources.

Learn From Experts

7 Sessions
One session per weekend, total two months from idea to concept
Work on your own idea during the workshop with real examples
Access best tools and practices used by pros
Session 1 – Opportunity
Clearly define the opportunity and assess your knowledge about the opportunity to find out weak areas
Session 2 – Problem
Learn how to define a problem with clarity and build a solid foundation for your startup.

Session 3 – Solutions

Find out different ways how the problem can be solved for your customer to decide if your solution is a viable option.
Session 4 – Customer
Clearly define the your customer and competition.
Session 5 – Critical Factors
Know all the weak areas in your thinking to start addressing them one by one.
Session 6 – Your Story
An entrepreneur is a good story teller. Develop your story and start practicing it.
Session 7 – Team
Assess who do you need in your team and develop a plan to recruit your team.

Some of our successful startup

Why Ideagist

Ideagist is the world’s largest incubation platform, connecting 100s of communities around the world. Our incubated startups have won several awards, and have successfully raised funding.

Ideagist Global Virtual incubator offers a simple to follow process, access to entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and mentors. It helps you connect with other like-minded people world wide.

Ideagist does not take credit for the success of startups that have used our global platform, simply because Entrepreneurs are really the key to the success of their startups.

Golden Ticket

  • Given highly innovative idea by partnering teachers.
  • It bypasses the selection process.
  • Special Mentoring Session if Ideagist founder.
  • Valid for the upcoming cohort only.
  • Our gift to the partnering professors and community leaders​.

Entry Pass

  • Given to innovative ideas by partnering teachers.
  • It bypasses the initial evaluation step and get first in the line.
  • Our gift to the partnering professors and community leaders.
  • Valid for upcoming cohort only.

Golden Ticket

Guaranteed admission to the next cohort.

It is a recognition that the holder has an innovative idea and they are determined to work on it.

University Professors and Community Leaders participating in the program will be able to give very limited Golder Tickets.

Golden Tickets are not sold.

Entry Pass

Bypass the queue and get first in the line.

It is a recognition that the holder has a good idea and they are determined to work on it.

University Professors and Community Leaders participating in the program will be able to give limited passes for any upcoming cohort.

Each entry Pass will be valid for the upcoming cohort only.

Entry Passes are not sold.

Hassan Syed

Hassan Syed

Course Leader

Hassan Syed is the founder of IdeaGist.com, the largest digital incubation platform in the world, founding director of Minnesota Innovates, and founding director of the Institute for Innovators and Entrepreneurs at Hamline University Minnesota, USA.
Hassan is a five-star rated trainer that has trained over 10,000 people in off-line and on-line classrooms across the world, sharing his knowledge with technology professionals, economic development managers, incubation professionals, students, faculty, and innovation commercialization professionals. In this training course, Hassan shares his 37 years of experience in entrepreneurship, emerging technology research, technology development, and commercialization with real life examples.

Application Process?

Our application process is quite simple.

1st Step:
Simply fill out the short application.

2nd Step:
After initial review of your application, we will invite you for the 2nd round application or interview you over zoom.

3rd Step:
Welcome to the program, you have successfully completed the application process.

Selection Criteria

  • Innovation in the idea
  • Experience of the entrepreneur
  • Commitment from the team
  • Team’s ability to develop the MVP
  • Role of technology in the idea

Register for Rewards

Up to Three Entry Passes and One Golden Ticket for the upcoming Cohort

IdeaGist reserves the right to reject any entry or stop the rewards program anytime.

Please provide an institutional email and make sure that you add ideagist.com as a safe sender domain to avoid missing emails.
Please provide aproximate value