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Welcome to Ideagist's groundbreaking initiative to shape the future of Pakistan's workforce in the Era of Disruptive Technologies!

The Challenge

University students and recent graduates lack practical experience, expert career counseling, and planning guidance. This gap not only affects the students' understanding of the job market but also costs technology companies millions in salaries, lost time, and attrition.

Our Mission

Ideagist, founded by Hassan Syed, aims to empower young Pakistanis to claim their share of the $1.5 trillion emerging technology-driven economy. We believe one million professionals can inject USD 50-100 billion into Pakistan's economy annually.

For Technology Companies

Receive qualified, job-ready graduates, eliminating the need for extensive training. We bridge the talent gap, supplying resources certified to perform required tasks from day one.

Access a pool of certified, ready-to-work candidates.
Customize training courses to align with your specific needs.
Access a pool of certified, ready-to-work candidates.


Agree to interview our recommended candidates and provide constructive feedback.

Program Fee

Join for free! Customized training incurs associated fees, ensuring tailored programs for your company's needs.

How to join

Visit Ideagist Enrollment to register your company. Upon registration, we'll send you a draft MOU. Once signed, an account representative will assist in securing qualified candidates.

Take the First Step

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