Customer Readiness Assessment
This customer readiness assessment service is provided by through a network of experienced entrepreneurs that have successfully launched their startups and converted them into fully operational comapnies. You will receive an in-depth analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, and an action plan to improve your customer pitch. Please note that our assessor will only rely on the data provided by you and will not take responsibility for the correctness of your data. Information provided here will only be disclosed to the assessor and will be subject to the strict data privacy policies of To learn more about's terms of service, data privacy, and security policies, please visit our Terms and Conditions Page.
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Market is defined in terms of total customers, customers that you can target, and your immediate customer that you are trying to obtain. You must have some reliable reference to prove that this market exist or it will be just an assumption.
An Elevator pitch for customers is a simple statement about your business that will catch the attention of a potential customer. Can you tell in one or two sentences what value you can create for the customer?
Short intro is used in emails, text messages, on LinkedIn, or through intermediaries like friends/family, to introduce your startup to a potential client. It should be strong enough to convenience the customer to meet up.
A single page with Why your product is needed by the customer, the value you offer, competitor analysis, sign-up, or expression of interest form.
A creative and impressive presentation of the value proposition and business model.
As soon as a potential customer is interested in what you are offering, they will search you on the Internet. Your presence on all the important platforms will give them the confidence that you are reliable.
The actual contract startup will use to do the transaction with the customer.
Ability to accept credit cards, deposit checks, issue invoices, etc.