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Pakistan 100 BootCamp 2020

Pre-Selection Boot Camp for people with big ideas


Pakistan 100 is a network of highly professional overseas Pakistanis that are committed to change Pakistan's image as a thriving digital economy by supporting the launch of 100 technology companies from an idea to the global stage by 2023.


Almost four million young people reach the working age every year in Pakistan and this trend will continue for at least a decade. We need to create employment and work opportunities or we risk serious challenges associated with mass unemployment in Pakistan. On the other hand, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and emerging technologies are disrupting the future at an unprecedented speed and scale. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in emerging technologies has a worldwide potential of creating 50 trillion dollars of economic impact and Pakistan needs to take its fair share of this global market.




















Entrepreneurial Bootcamp 2020 is an initiative by Ideagist which is a gateway to the selection for Pakistan 100 and is providing an opportunity to aspiring young innovation driven, Startup idea holders to come and learn effective ways to polish their idea and  to pitch their ideas in front of the investors and other stakeholders.



  • Must be technology driven.
  • Should have a capacity to solve the indigenous problems of the local market. 
  • Should have a potential to scale at the global level.


The boot camp is basically a step under the pre-selection phase of Pakistan 100. Through this, Ideagist will provide support and assistance to the potential candidates of Pakistan 100 initiative. 



Boot camp will provide the candidates an opportunity to excel through following ways: 

  • Polish their ideas. 
  • Help to learn an effective way to pitch their ideas in front of investors.


  • The duration of a Boot Camp will be one week.
  • A total of twenty candidates will be selected i.e Ten teams. (A minimum of one member should be in a team to get registered ) 
  • The Boot camp will be free for all the selected teams.
  • The accommodation will be given to all the candidates.
  • Last date to apply December 6th , 2020.


Only top ten candidates per quarter a year will be shortlisted after a fair and tough competition among the applicants

Entrance for Pakistan 100 Boot-Camp 2020 is now closed