Setting Up Your Startup and How to Make it Successful?

About the Guest Speaker – Muhammad Anwar Khan

Mr. Mohammad Anwar Khan has completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UET, Lahore and Master’s degree in Electrical engineering from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur and a digital payments expert for 37 years. Khan has been recognized as a Mover and Shaker of the payments industry. Currently, Khan is President & Cofounder of Omnyway, driving digital wallet enabled payments and seamless shopping experiences for consumers at physical and online stores, since 2014.

Key Points of Session

Muhammad Anwar Khan joined the pak100 bootcamp II, 2021 on 5th august in Haripur and delivered his lecture on 12th august in Karachi as well. The topics of his session was “Setting Up Your Startup and How to Make it Successful?”. The session held for 1 hr. 40 minutes with question answer session in the end.

He started his session by explaining how there is a drastic raise in funding in Pakistan’s startups and multiple investors like Kleiner Perkins who only invest in those startups who have very bright future is now funding in Pakistan.

He told the participation the definition of entrepreneur and startup along with basic ingredients required to be a successful entrepreneur and after having all the ingredients then he explained how to execute to success.

About the Guest Speaker – Naeem Raza

Mr. Naeem Raza Naeem holds MS degrees in Computer Science and Systems Management from Florida Institute of Technology. In addition, Naeem also has a MBA and a BA in Economics and Sociology.  He has worked at Oracle Corporation as Consulting Manager and as Sr. Section Manager for McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing).

Naeem Raza is ex CEO of Annams Systems Corporation/Sunflower Systems that he founded in 1992 and was sold to a public company in 2019. During this period Naeem was able to transform a technology consulting business into an Enterprise Asset Management software company without any external funding. He established financial processes and achieved 25 profitable years from 27 years of operations.

Key Points of Session

Mr. Naeem Raza has joined pak100 BootCamp II, 2021 on 12th august. He started his session by telling his own life after completion of his MBA from Pakistan and explained how he took his decision and avail the opportunity. He also mentioned how he applied on almost 1000 places while having three Master degrees. Mr. Naeem taught participants how to react to your ups and downs. He told how he got his job and then get lay out after few months and then when he got new job after unemployment of two months, he performed exceptionally well in six months and got promoted on higher position. He shared his experience at Oracle how only after a week of training he become expert. After this he started training clients and Oracle started charging 150$ per hour for his training in 1992. He explained all the main factors in detail that are required to get investment from American venture capital or Angel that are Customer, Product, Raise and Exit time period.

There was Q/A session at the end of the session

Speakers Speech